Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Back to Felting

After Christmas things in the shop always slow down a bit. Then it is time get out the wool roving and felting needles. Last year I made wet felted eggs for the first time. They were a lot of work but I very much enjoyed the results.

Have you ever  tried felting? It takes lots of patience and time. So I take my work along when I have to wait in places. The dance studio where my daughter dances is a great place to felt. Often a group of little girls will crowd around me curiously asking what I am doing. Children love to see artists at work.

Do you have a craft you like to take along? So much more fun than playing games on the phone, right? Also, we need to set a good example for the children. I am not saying that I have never indulged in timewaster phone games. A couple of years ago I managed to burn out my phone playing Pacman...Oh dear! After my Blackberry died that was the end of it. ;)

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