Sunday, January 19, 2014

Auction Day For Valentines Day Doll

So 3 days ago I started this auction on Hyena Cart. I love that site. Got so many cool little shops on it. I listed the sweet Valentine's Doll you see in the pictures at a very low starting price. Two bids came in right away. Then another. But it didn't work out so well...The bidder wrote to me apologizing for a mistake they made. It was an honest mistake and I can understand. So to make a long story short: I had to start the auction over. If you are one of the bidders who bid I apologize and hope you forgive me. That's not way I intended things to go. I am so sorry!

Please, check out this auction ! If you have wanted to buy one of my dolls but the high price tag kept you from buying, this is your chance to get one of my sweeties for a good price. She even has a hand knit pink sweater. Such a cutey!

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