Monday, November 4, 2013

Who would steal a broom?

In case you are wondering where I have been and what I have been up to: RAKING LEAVES.

The joys of fall. Is that why they are called leaves in English? Because everybody just wants them gone from their yard. I think they are so pretty. Why not enjoy the sight and crunching a bit longer? But I finally got tired of the neighbor's angry stares. Every day when I left the house I felt his piercing eyes. Maybe I was only imagining it. I decided to get the rake out. My daughter and I spent two whole days raking the front and backyard. Funny thing was, when it was time to sweep up the last leaves on the walkway I found that my broom had gone missing from the front porch?

Who in the world would go up on another person's porch and steal an old broom? Was it a witch on Halloween night who lost her's maybe? I guess we will never know.

And of course, last night a big wind blew into town and sprinkled a fresh layer onto the lawn. Seems like you just cannot win some days. Oh well, it was good excercize. Who needs the gym when you have yardwork to do?

I will just ignore the neighbor, the leaves, and the yard. Got more sewing to do. Or who will make the stocking stuffers for the little kids this Christmas? A little while ago I got a request for more merbabies. I swear, I did not forget. Just took me a while to get around to it. In fact, I had not made one since this summer and plain forgot how I made them. Does that ever happen to you? With a recipe or pattern? You don't make it for while and forget how it's done.

I am glad I remembered. Here are 3 little merbabies ready for some fun!

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