Wednesday, November 27, 2013

My Favorite Color?

What's your favorite color? My daughter asked me the other day. I had a hard time deciding. In truth, I love all colors. But maybe right now my more favorite color is this lovely light blue. I call it Winter Blue. I got so obsessed with it I made a whole mess of doll pyjamas with fabric of that color the other day. Don't they look sweet?

Made me kind of sleepy and want to crawl into bed afterwards.
It's been chilly in our old drafty house. Some days I have to go outside to warm up...
But who has the time for naps and walks. I have been working working working. This has been the busiest November ever for my little shop. I wonder what December has in store for me? Hopefully I'll sell out my shop and then take a vacation in Hawaii.
You know the North pole has it's perks, but it would be nice to catch a little sun...

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