Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Panda Girl

I finally finished the doll who get's to wear this very special Panda-outfit I created a couple of weeks ago. The clothes were hanging in my studio waiting for that special someone to wear them. I think the waldorf baby girl I created it is a great match.

She has mocha colored skin. Her eyes are almond shaped and darkbrown. She has long soft hair made of mohair yarn. I twisted it into two buns. They almost look like panda ears, don't you think?

I even crocheted a pair of little boots for her. I am not quite sure how I accomplished that task. I am not really good at crocheting or knitting as a matter of fact. Can't pick up a lost stitch to safe my life.

                     I still have not picked out a name for this little girl. Any suggestions?
                                 For now I shall just call her Pandagirl.

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