Sunday, September 15, 2013

From Drought to Deluge...

I thought I'd never sing this little song: Rain Rain, go away! Come back another day!

I love rain. I was hoping and praying for some rain during the sweltering heat, just a little over a week ago, when temperatures reached the 100s in Colorado. Now we are drowning. Literally. Will this rain ever stop?

It feels unreal to know that there is destruction all around me. I hear about it on the radio. Constant interruptions of programming by this shrill beeping. Yet another flash flood warning. I see pictures in the Denver Post, on TV, and the Internet. How come the paper and mail are still delivered smoothly every day? I have not seen any of the destruction with my own eyes. They tell us not to leave the house or go driving about. Don't be in the way and become part of the problem!

The only moments when I know this is real is when I see all the folks huddled downtown at the local recreation center. My daughter goes to dance class there. Now the little dancers share the front entrance with all the people who are registering with the Red Cross to have shelter for the night. Who knows when they will be able to go back to their homes? And what will they find once they get back? It is so so sad.
Then there was a weird moment at the grocery store when people were fighting over bottled water as rumors about safety of our drinking water spread...

Whole neighborhoods submerged in water. Communities surrounding us cut off. Roadways and bridges just gone...Lots of people missing. Please, pray for their safe return home to their loved ones!

And with every drip drip drip I know we still have not reached the end of this mess yet. Please, rain go away already!

I will be a good girl and stay put for now. But when it's all over I hope I can help people pick up the pieces of their lives.

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