Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Six days and a long To-do-list

Oh boy. Only six days left. Time is running out here. Luckily I have the best customers ever. Thank you, Laura for letting me off the hook here and telling me to finish your custom doll upon my return. You are so lovely and very kind!
this Baby will have to wait for clothes until I return from Germany...

Here is my list. I think it's not complete and I am freaking out a bit...Wish me luck!

  1. Make doll for little sis' who is expecting her first baby
  2. Search for baby clothes and books to pack for sister
  3. Finish items for local art show at Madison and Main and drop them off on Saturday
  4. Pack up a doll for customer in Germany. Maybe we get to meet - after knowing each other on FB for so long?
  5. Do laundry and fold is all
  6. Clean my house and studio once more
  7. Get out suitcases and start packing
  8. Return all the library books
  9. Go to store and get supplies for trip
  10. Write downs instructions for husband on how to run my Etsyshop.

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