Monday, April 22, 2013

Happy Earthday, America!

I hope your week is off to a good start. Don't forget it's Earth Day! Let's do something good for the planet. Like remember to bring bags and cloth totes when you go grocery shopping. In fact you should bring bags to each and every store you go to!

I went to Target the other day. It always seems a bit weird when I whip out a plastic bag or cloth tote from my purse. I can't help but feel people in line staring at me. Look at this strange lady - with the German accent. What a weirdo!

 Maybe some day it will be the other day around. I hope that some day soon people will look at the person who forgot to bring a bag...Really Dude? How could you forget? Didn't you know you were going to buy something when you entered the store?

The landfills are running over with plastic bags and other trash that will not go away for millions of years. Seriously,who is the weirdo?

Did you know that they charge money for grocery bags in Germany? If you forget to bring a bag it will cost you a pretty penny. In the US it's the other way around.

Did you know that Target stores pay you 5cents per bag that you bring? I think that is very nice of Target. If overflowing landfills don't convince you maybe putting some coin in your wallet will work?

Happy Earthday, America!


MuddyFeet said...

We use re-usable bags too - at least when we are thinking ahead! We run into problems when we stop at the grocery store when we weren't planning on it (it seems the extra bags are always in the wrong vehicle). I always feel bad when that happens. We do find other uses for the plastic bags though instead of throwing them away.

germandolls said...

I understand running out of bags. It has happened to me too. But maybe if peopl were charged money they would realize that there is a real cost involved. Even a minimal fee would be good. For example looking at my own husband. He often forgets them and laughs at me when I chide him. On the other had he is really good with money. If he was made to pay for each bag I think he would be better at remembering...

Special K said...

I've gotten better about bringing my bags- yay! The Target in Seattle is charging for bags. Ikea charges. In Chicago people are horrified by the possibility. What will they use to dispose of kitty litter with? you mean they SELL plastic bags at the stores for that? I love the idea of carrying around a sweet bag for shopping in my purse, so I got some Baggu bags and hope to keep them for a long, long time!

germandolls said...

Yes,imagine the outcry over it if all the stores started charging. It would be something to see. It's funny how people don't want to spend a penny on a kitty litter or doggy-do bag. Really that stuff costs money? Who would have thunk it.