Monday, April 15, 2013

I love Instagram

I recently joined Instagram. I really love how it lets you manipulate photos. I could play with it all day. Have you used it? Here are some recent photos of my dolls I took with my phone. I think my favorite feature is the ability to change the frame of a photo. But I also love changing the lighting and adding sepia tones to a photo.

The possibilites seem endless...Now I just wish I could figure out how to post my photos directly to my Facebook business page instead of my personal page. Anyone know? My friends who are fans of my page may get sick of having to look at the same photos over and over again while I play with it. Sorry, folks!


MuddyFeet said...

Love the photos of your dolls! I like Instagram too, but my favorite photo app is Photo Toaster (has more/different options and you can then send photos to Instagram). Instagram has a business page that tells you how to set it up for a fan (brand) page on Facebook:
Hope that helps!

germandolls said...

Thanks, Kelly! With the help of so many wonderful people and my husband I finally figured it out. Yay!