Tuesday, September 11, 2012


It's a sad day. Every year on September 11th we can't help but remember the sadness from 11 years ago. Odd how we never forget the little details of a horrible day. What we did and what we ate that morning. Like most families in the US we were sitting down having breakfast - getting ready to take our boy to preschool. Life in America was good and felt very safe. Then things changed within minutes. News came from the radio and we turned on the TV. One could almost feel the shock waves going through the air from one side of the Nation to the other.

My daughter's class watched a movie in her social studies class yesterday. There was a boy in her class who was born on that day. That would be a hard date of birth to have...

Really strange to think that that could me my child. My daughter is exactly six months older than the boy in her class. How would you celebrate your birthday on that day? And then my thoughts start drifting back to yet another child. Do you remember that little girl named Christina Taylor Green who also shared this birthday. Her life ended when a madman shot her at a political event in Arizona last year.

Some days are harder than others. The sadness just seems to take hold of one and it's like you almost can't breathe thinking of all the evil in this world.

But we have to keep hope alive and take care of our babies every day. Hug them tight every night. And never forget the victims! Sweet Christina, you will never be forgotten!


Jeanne said...

I never really know what to do to remember this day. Last year there were a lot of ceremonies because it had been 10 years. I usually read something written about that horrible day or watch a video. Sometimes I go to the New York State Museum, which is near my home, and spend some quiet time in the September 11 exhibit. Whatever I do to mark the day never feels like enough or like the right thing to do. But I know I will never forget the people who died that day. Very sad day.

germandolls said...

So do you live in New York City then? It's good to have a place to go and remember. Looks like you got a good ritual going.

I find it hard to explain it to the children. How do you teach about it?