Friday, September 7, 2012

Celebrating Sweet Babies

It's been 14 years since I brought my first child into this world. Our boy is celebrating his 14th birthday today. I cannot help but feel a bit melancholic.

To make the funk go away I finished another doll. I am calling her Babette. Have you ever seen the movie Babette's Fiest? You can read the long convoluted plot summery on Wikipedia.
The name seems appropriate because Babette is the sweetest person ever.

I am so sick of reading the papers, watching TV, and even Facebook,  listening to people talk about the upcoming elections. I wish there was a button where one could just blend it all out - delete any talk about politics. I find the hate mongering so incredibly depressing and lowering to the spirit.

Since I am not eligable to vote nobody needs to worry about my opinion anyways. What I think will not make a difference in 60 days. But I wish that people would stand back once in a while and listen to themselves talk. Why are you so angry all the time? Whatever happened to kindness and generosity?

Go watch the movie Babette's Fiest! We all need more Babettes and sweetness in our life and hit delete button when it comes to hate. I'll keep adding sweet dolls to the world's population. It is a lot more productive and uplifting.

Happy Birthday, Babette! Happy Birthday my sweet babe, Jonah!


winterludes said...

yes, babette is a perfect antidote to the darkness of the world. she's really sweet!

germandolls said...

Your avatar photo makes me smile, winterludes. ;) thank you for your kind comment!