Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving Alphabet...

Things from A - Z  I am grateful for:

A - Air -good mountain air to breathe
B - bread - Fougasse, French bread fresh from the oven
C - Colors - all the colors of the rainbow
D - Dolls - being able to create and sell them
E - Electricity - because when you are in the midst of a storm-induced power outage you really learn to appreciate it!
F - Friends - on Facebook and other places
G - German Accent - I have a sort of love-hate relationship with that one. Some days I get tired of telling people where I am from. But it sure make for interesting conversations, too...
H - Harvest. Of course, what would be more appropriate on Thanksgiving Day? We harvested lots of veggies and got to grow our own watermelon in our community garden patch this year.

I - The Internet and being able to connect with people all over the world
J - Jobs. I am glad my husband has a job and is able to support the family. I pray that each person who needs a job will find one this coming year.
K- Kids. My kids make me smile all day. What would I do without them?
L- Lemons. Because when life gives you lemons, you just make lemonade with them. And we have this saying in German: sauer macht lustig. (sour things make you laugh) so don't lose your sense of humor no matter what!
M - Marcus. My husband, though often he does drive me nuts.
N - Nuts. I love all kinds of nuts. Coconuts. Walnuts. Pecans. Hazel Nuts.
O - Origami. I think paper crafts are so cool.
P - Pizza. I know 90% of kids say that when asked for their favorite food. I like making Pizza from scratch with fresh veggies grown in my garden.
Q - Questions. It's good to have a lot of questions and look for answers all the time. Makes us smarter. It's the people who have all the answers that do scare me...
R - Recycling, reusing, re purposing.
S - Safety. The children say, they are thankful that we live in a country where people are fairly safe from political unrest.
T - Tomatoes from the vine. Okay, it was weird how we had tomatoes to eat from our garden until the end of November this year. Freaky!
U - The movie UP. It's a favorite in our family. The most UP-lifting kid movie I have seen in a while.
V - Verwandtschaft = the German word for relatives. I do miss my family from Germany and hope to make it home soon.
X - X-Factor Show. I hate to admit it, but I do love that show. So much better than American Idol because older folks can be in it. Not that they would ever win in this culture focused on youthfulness...
W - Wool, soft and warm to stuff my dolls with.
Y - You, the people who read my blog.
Z - Zeit - the word time in German. I am grateful for the time I have to create and write.

Now quick do your own alphabet and tell me what things you are grateful for.
Happy Thanksgiving!


Saints and Spinners said...

A- Apple tartin (made by my cousin)

B- Backrubs

C- Calm after the visit

D- Dolls to make

E- Electricity (thanks, Ulla!)

F- French knots in embroidery

G- Galaxies

H- Hot showers

I- Illustration

J- Juice, freshly squeezed

K- Kisses

L- Light (especially during this time of year)

M- My daughter M.

N- Neologisms

O- Octopuses

P- Pie

Q- Quilts

R- Running gear

S- Soup

T- Tony

U- Ulla

V- Vroomy, vroomy (see Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus)

W- Woglinde (as well as Wellgunde and Flosshilde)

X- xi, xu, two letter words in Scrabble

Y- Yams

Z- Zippity doo dah, zippity ay, my oh my what a wonderful day. (The most famous Disney song from the movie you will never see.)

germandolls said...

Oh wow! thanks, Farida for taking the time! I am totally flattered to be your U. I am not sure if anyone noticed that I had skipped the x. Now I had to add my x to make it complete.

Saints and Spinners said...

"X" is one of those letters than when you skip it, it seems impolite to point it out. The English language just doesn't have that many true X words.

germandolls said...

I think only scrabble players know those 3 words. LOL