Saturday, November 5, 2011

Fabric of the Season

I am so happy. After years of searching for the perfect Christmas fabric with Nutcracker dolls on it finally success. I found this beautiful maroon red colored fabric that has the cutest bright Nutcrackers on it.

It's only the fifth year my daughter is in the local Nutcracker production. Practices have been running since late September. Now they are in full gear as the performance date rolls closer. There must be hundreds of little girls in Nutcracker productions all over the US...Why is there so little fabric in stores dealing with the theme? Huge mistake, you fabric makers! My daughter was so excited when she saw the cloth on my table. Of course each little girl participating in the ballet production dreams that one day they may be featured as the main character Clara...It's a long shot since it takes many many years of dancing to achieve that skill level.

Pst!  Don't tell my daughter that she will be getting one of these:

I was so excited finishing the first set of them. The Nutcracker doll lives in the dress pocket and can go marching about your house chasing after pesky mice and rats...=)

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