Thursday, February 3, 2011

Only 11 Days till Valentine's Day!

I love mermaids! I believe I designed my first mermaid costume for dolls in 2004. I got the idea from my daughter when she wanted to be a mermaid for Halloween and insisted her doll get an outfit to match her costume. Of course, now everyone is making them. I still like to believe I came up with the idea first...So if you love mermaids too, you may want to get one of my original designs for your favorite doll!


They come in two sizes: 12 inch and 14-15 inch. I designed the Hearts costume with Valentine's Day in mind. Only 11 days till Valentine's Day. You better hurry if you want one for the occasion!

But you can order my mermaid outfits in pink, purple, turquoise or teal for your everyday mermaid. The costume consists of two pieces: A bandeau top which wraps around the torso and a tail section. The tail slips over the legs and voila - you got a mermaid. Ingenious!

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Harvest Moon by Hand said...

Very cute and clever idea!

Harvest Moon by Hand