Thursday, February 24, 2011

More Bunnies...

Zwischen Berg und tiefem tiefem Tal
Sassen einst zwei Hasen
Frassen ab das gruene gruene Gras
bis auf den Rasen

Between mountain and a deep deep valley
Once sat two little bunnies
Eating the green green grass
Down to the lawn...
I will spare you the rest of the story. German childrens' song are often quite brutal. As I recall in the next scene/stanza two hunters turn up and shoot the poor bunnies...I hope this will not be the fate of my little critters. Sigh!

I have been in a bit of a bunny making frenzy over here. No time to talk. Got to make bunnies. My husband says if this continues he will turn into the hunter from that story...They don't chew the vegetation but he is tired of them chewing up all my time. LOL


LittleElf said...

They are adorable Ulla! When did you start needle felting? Very cute! ^_^


germandolls said...

Hey little Elf, you can read about my needlefelting here:

I mostly have been using this technique to decorate my doll shoes. There is only so much time. But I love making sculptures, too!