Saturday, September 4, 2010

Purple Love

Somebody out there tells me there is a little girl who loves purple. So I went through my fabric stash and looked through all my fabrics that had purple in them. Considering that I am a hoarder of fabric, it wasn't that bad. I only found four or five fabrics with purple accents in them. What is my husband talking about? Looks like I won't make it on that TV show after all.

For this special customer of mine, lover of purple, I selected a really cute Kawaii fabric with squirrels on it. I made a bonnet and matching diapers for the little custom baby.

It seems so very appropriate for the season...While I am busy rearranging piles of fabric inside the house, I watch the little critters collect acorns outside. You better watch your step in front of our house! We have two gigantic oak trees. You may get hit in the head by acorn projectiles launched by those little cheeky critters. I am convinced they do it on purpose, all because I managed to pick all the plums on my neighbor's tree before they could get them. NaNaNaNa! I beat the squirrels this year! Would you like my recipe for German plum cake? Yummy! We call it Zwetchekuche or Quetchekuche where I am from. =)


leaslooks said...

She is adorable!! I hope to get one of your dolls sometimes :)

Marcus said...

You must hoard plums to make the cake.

CurlyMonkey said...

I love her too!

andrea creates said...

Super cute! I'd love to see the recipe too :)

Dreaming Monet said...

YES! I want the recipe!

I love your work so much... and your blog is wonderful to read.

Imogen's Garden said...

my friend, you have outdone yourself! and to top it off, my youngest just sneaked down the stairs behind me and saw this little doll. i heard the little sucking in of breath...then she said, "Mommy, that is the beautifulest doll Ms. Ulla ever made."
i am certain, she will be a hit.
thank you for making something so perfect for each of my girls!
(and YES! we absolutely need your plum cake recipe!)

germandolls said...

Thanks! The recipe post is in the works!