Monday, July 19, 2010

What lies Beneath...Unmentionables

I am confused with the English language once again. For a few years now I have been labeling this set of doll clothing that I sell as a "Bonnet and Bloomers" set. The reason I named the underwear part "bloomers" was because I had a strange experience on my flickr site. I had posted some pictures of doll underwear there and immediately got spam messages from various sites advertising Russian mail order brides depicting scantily clad women. Seriously...Wow! After that experience I thought long and hard about how to label my product differently to prevent this from happening. It had just never occurred to me that the usage of the word "panties" could trigger such a reaction. I am sure when I post this article I will get plenty more of this type of spam. At least I have a filter on my blog. Nanananana!

It appears there are tons of different words for underwear in the English language. Do we have that many in German, I wonder? For the English language I found the following: undergarments, underclothing, unmentionables, lingerie, intimate apparel, underlinen, underclothes, panties, panty, undies, underoos, shorts, lingerie, drawers, briefs, slips, delicates, bloomers, and knickers. I guess I have a better understanding of the word unmentionables than I used to...LOL. Feel free to add to the list in your comments.

I looked up the word bloomers. Webster's dictionary defines bloomers as
a : full loose trousers gathered at the knee formerly worn by women for athletics
b : underpants of similar design worn chiefly by girls

Looks like I have been mislabeling my sets. The undies I sold were really shorts and didn't reach the knees. But now I have created sets that are longer and reach past the knees to the ankles. What should I name them?

I am totally lost here. What would be the proper word to use for the doll clothing items I make? Plus I need words that won't lead to the afore described troubles...I'd be grateful if somebody helped me name my sets correctly. Kindly leave your suggestions in the comment section. And no indecent pictures, please! =)


FairiesNest said...

I would definitely call the longer ones bloomers, they are! :) The shorter ones I'd call underclothes or shorts...they look like they could be use for either in doll play. You did know I had an inner word geek, right? :)

EvesLittleEarthlings said...

I would call that full length pant garment a petticoat.

woolies said...

I like your bonnet and bloomers. It may not be perfectly correct, but I'm sure everybody would know exactly what they are. You could also call them knickers.

germandolls said...

I think the shorts for the short panties would be best, too. Alas, looks like I'll have to revise all of my listing to avoice further confusion. =) Thanks your input on this!

Lovealittle said...

What an unmentionable predicament.

I'd call the shorts shorts or pants myself being from the UK.

Your longer style are pantaloons, I'd call the same style but to knee length bloomers ;)

Yarn Miracle said...

What about "pantalettes" for the long ones? Or "pantaloons"!

But I'm sure everyone can work out what a bonnet and bloomers are!

Kara said...

I'm late to this comment-thread, but I don't think bloomers is, these days, a term used very specifically. It hearkens back to something of a bygone time. So the cute little doll undies (whatever length) could be aptly called "bloomers" because they're worn under a dress and have a bit of nostalgia to them.