Sunday, July 4, 2010

They Won!

Yippee! Germany made it into the next round! Die Mannschaft rocks on!
Did you hear that British commentator on ESPN? I cannot recall his name. He had no kind words for his own team, calling the English players fat, slow, and heavy, after they were defeated by Germany.
His comment on Argentina's loss:" Well, that sandbox soccer didn't cut it against those young German legs!" Harsh words. But I was happy, since everybody in the days leading up to the game had been telling me that Germany had no chance against Argentina...What will they say now? Muah!


LMG said...

:-) You should put a trio of black, red, gold mini dolls on your etsy site. Here's hoping that Germany goes all the way.

germandolls said...

Great idea! Thanks! Your wish is my command! I already took the pictures and will post them ASAP.