Sunday, July 18, 2010

Found & Lost

I am soooo sorry! Have you ever had trouble with comment moderation on blogger? I really wish I did not have to use it. But since I kept getting so many offensive comments - mostly links to nude pictures - from spammers, you know, the ones with the Chinese characters one can't read, I had to do it.

Today I accidentally rejected three comments from good people. I apologize profusely! I did not mean to reject your wonderful comments. I just hit the wrong key by accident, and gone were my comments. I tried to get them back but my efforts were futile. Looks like my comments are lost forever. Please forgive me, dear readers who left the sweet comments. I did read them on my email and appreciate everything you said, I swear!

1 comment:

Angela Recada said...

It's OK! It has happened to me, too. My comment was mostly for you, and not so much for your blog, anyway.