Monday, April 19, 2010

My Doll Clothes on Miss Corolle and Madame Alexander Dolls

Recently I have received more orders by people who don't own Waldorf style dolls. To my own surprise the doll clothes I make looked great on various types of cloth and vinyl dolls. Just because a doll is made of plastic doesn't mean she won't enjoy a German Dolls Pocketdress... The Miss Corolle Dolls look so sweet wearing my pocketdresses....=)Last fall I made some doll clothes for a Madame Alexander Baby Doll. My 12 inch pocketdress and diaperset fit the doll perfectly!


Dubem said...


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Lee said...

Thanks for posting pics of the Corolle dolls in these dresses. I feel much more comfortable buying doll clothes for our dolls, when I know for sure they will fit!