Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A book review of sorts/ Advice on buying a sewing machine

About a year ago my sewing machine broke. It was a cheap hand-me-down machine from a friend. I had been fighting with this cheap department store bought machine for quite a while. I was so tired of constantly running to the repair shop and paying the little bills for getting the tension adjusted and resolving other issues. You can ask my family - they still remember the days BEFORE THE BERNINA entered my life. To say the least, I was not a happy camper or seamstress...The emphasis mostly being on STRESS.

I had it with that cheap machine and was anxious to buy a new machine for my little business. So I went to library to do some research . I found this neat little book at my local library by John Giordano. I don't know too many guys who sew, but does this guy know his stuff! The book's title is:

The Sewing Machine Guide: Tips on Choosing, Buying, and Refurbishing.

I really learned so much from it. So if you are in the market for a new sewing machine you may want to read it!

After lots of research I ended up purchasing a Bernina 1008. I solemnly swear, they are not paying me to say this! This machine is just great. It is a mechanical sewing machine - not one of those fancy schmancy computerized machines. But boy, does it work well! I have worked with it for over a year now and it has NEVER let me down. It sews through all kinds of materials.

I guess the part that really killed me, was the easily accessibility of the bobbin case. The old machine was as inconvenient as it could get. Whenever the thing got jammed with lint (which happens a lot with those cheap machines) or there was a tension problem - I had to take a little screwdriver and open it up. Sooo much time wasted!

I also highly recommend Giordano's book because not only did it help me make a decision buying the right machine - it also had a great deal of information on how to care for my machine after I bought it!

One tip I found really helpful was the Giordano's recommendation to purchase a small vacuuming device! You know, like the type people use for their computer keyboards. Whenever lint collects in the bobbin case, I just take my little vacuum out and voila - all clean in seconds! It is so much better than blowing the lint into the machine - like it did before.

I hope this post of mine helps someone who needs a new sewing machine. I am also glad I listened to my husband's words. He told me to NOT buy a used machine but get a new one. I had played with the idea for buying a used model over the Internet. DH said: Why would you buy someone else's problem? When buying for your business you should buy the best NEW machine you can afford.
I am so happy I followed his advice. I am totally happy with my machine and how it has enabled to me make lots of cute doll clothes.

Happy sewing to all of you!



LynnAnne said...

How Bernina saved your sanity! Nothing worse than trying to work on a machine that fights you every step of the way. Glad you are enjoying your new found friend!

FairiesNest said...

Good to know! There is nothing like a great sewing machine. :)

viltk said...

congrats with your excellent sewingmachine! I am usinga toyota, but I got this when I agreed to get a patternmagazine every month and I was so glad I didn't have to choose for myself.... hihihi
Now after 2 years sewing I hope I know where to watch out for when I am gonna look for a new machine when it is neccesary. ... I hope I'll remember the tilte of that book.......

germandolls said...

Yes, sanity! I did was about to loose it before I bought that machine. It is worth it's weight in gold! Of course, just a figure of speaking. Who can afford gold these days...

cabin + cub said...

Glad to hear you got a new and better sewing machine... it does make a whole lot of difference!

Molly said...

Hallo Ulla,
herzlichen Glückwunsch zu dieser Nähmaschine! Klingt sehr beruhigend für mich. Meine Nähmaschine (die ich aber nur privat brauche) ist schon über 30 Jahre alt und ich gucke schon länger nach einem Ersatz für den Fall, dass sie mal nicht mehr repariert werden kann (es gibt keine Ersatzteile mehr). Ich möchte nämlich auch nicht so ein computerisiertes High-Tech-Teil, sondern lieber was Bodenständiges. Ich dachte schon, so was gibt's nicht mehr.

Darum - danke!!
Viele Grüße,