Thursday, April 16, 2015

Social Media

What is your favorite Social Media? Do you have a Facebook page, Pinterest, twitter, and tumblr accounts? I have to say, I really love Instagram. I know I said it a couple of posts ago but I have to say it again: It is so much fun to connect with people through photos.  I love how you put out one photo of a little Waldorf doll with a short comment and immediately you get tons of likes and sweet comments from folks all over the world. So if you don't see me over here on my blog, you may have more luck finding me on Instagram.

If you want to join in the Instagram fun though, I highly recommend getting an iPhone! My old dinosaur of a phone broke down a couple of weeks ago. It was time for a change. At first, it was tough having to ask the kids constantly to help me with my new phone. Funny how in the modern age the tables have been turned, and the kids become our teachers. I was very grateful when my daughter helped me set up my first Instagram Giveaway. And I am really of proud that I will be able to handle the next one all by myself. Hint, hint... My 600 followers Giveaway is coming up soon!

I am so behind when it comes to technology, not just because of my age, but also because of having grown up in Germany. When I came to the US as an exchange student in the 1990s, I could not believe that one could actually look up books in a computer data base. At the library of the John  F. Kennedy institute in Berlin looking up books for a research paper consumed hours. Libraries in Berlin had these chests with wooden drawers filled with index cards. You had to go through index cards manually to see if a book was available. Back then, I typed all my papers on an electric typewriter (which I thought was advanced) my sister had brought back from a trip to China.

Oh well, the good old days are over. Life is fast and furious. I hope you are enjoying some lovely spring weather. I did, until this morning, when it started sleeting outside, and I had to go save our lettuce beds from the icy assault. See you on Instagram!

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