Friday, April 10, 2015

Pink Bathrobe for Waldorf Dolls

I had a very productive day yesterday indeed. I had bought a small piece of pink terrycloth fabric for another project a while ago. I think it was meant to be turned into a pink bunny toy or something along those lines. Now I felt guilty because you should not buy materials and not use them. Especially if your house is small and you don't have unlimited resources of funds either. So I brought said material up from a tote in the basement. Now it sat on a chair and was looking at me accusingly for a number of days. Why did you buy me?

Then I had a really good idea. Why not make a doll bathrobe for my Waldorf dolls. I have been wanting to make a bathrobe for dolls for a long time. My daughter's doll Arissa said it too.  Being a very messy child she needs a lot of baths...

So I drew a sketch. Yay! Probably not my greatest work. But it took only about a minute to appear on this scratch piece of paper.

Next I cut out the pieces of the robe and stitched them loosely together. I have to say, the neckline took a while to figure out. I ended up having to drag my daughter's bathroom downstairs and check how it was constructed. I am glad I was able to figure it out.

I get so excited when I design a new piece of clothing. It's so much fun to figure out the little details. Ever noticed those little loops  on a bathrobe where the belt goes? Why just put one pocket? Well, since the bathrobe usually overlaps in the front you could never use the second pocket anyways.

Creating the belt and loops was a challenge. But no robe can be without them.  You surely don't want your doll to end up in a compromising sort of situation...

Since my frugal ways have led me to buy fabric in very small quantities,  (I hope my husband is reading this) there was just enough fabric to make a second robe. I thought about putting the robe on one of my finished dolls but then decided to list the robe solo in my shop. So if your doll needs a bathrobe please buy it quick - before I change my mind and put it back on another doll that demands a bathrobe.

May your day today be as productive and fun as mine was yesterday!

By the way, do you know that the German word for bathrobe is actually very similar to the English word? It is Bademantel. Or in direct translation that would be: bathing coat. Makes perfect sense, right?

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