Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Frozen Toes

It just ain't right! I mean driving the children to school and nearly getting frostbite on your toes. If I hear the words "arctic blast" one more time I will scream. I don't know how many times I have shoveled snow this winter. Little peaks have been forming by the side of our driveway and they are not melting since it was a balmy -22 degrees this morning.

I really hope this cold spell shall pass soon. I am tired of cold feet and shoveling snow. And then there is this split thumb that keeps me from doing my work. Every winter I get really dry skin and at some point one finger splits open and no matter how much lotion I put on it just will not heal up.

It's not much fun doing handwork with band aids on, you know.

And then that Super Bowl game - total disaster. Distrought checkers at the grocery store as jubilation has turned into sadness and anger. My mail carrier tells me she saw grown man cry at a party she went, too. Really?

On a positive note: I got a fresh shipment of wool roving in last night. The box sitting on my front porch had only a slight dusting of snow. Luckily the contents were fine. Oh, such pretty new colors for making more felted eggs. Not that wet felting will be doing any good to my thumb...Still, I can't wait to get started. And  I am looking forward to taking some outdoor shots of my darling felted eggs once the snow melts...

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