Thursday, February 6, 2014

Alton Brown Live

Here is a photo of my sweet basket of wool for wet felting. I have got to go out and get me a pair of rubber gloves. As soon as it warms up...

Even Alton Brown complained about the weather here. Our family went to see Alton Brown Live last night at the UCCC. If you are FB friends with me you probably saw the photo. If not, you didn't miss much. Since cameras are illegal at such events, you know, I took just one of those dumb phone pictures before the show started.

It sure was an awesome show. If the man ever comes near where you live you should definitely go see him on stage. I think for someone who is a big TV celebrity he was a really nice guy. He actually appeared human. And he knows how to tell a good tale.

I very much enjoyed the 10 lessons about food he shared - 10 things he is sure about that are sure about food. Haeh? Lesson one seemed to be a no-brainer. Alton Brown said he is sure that chickens don't have fingers. Now that was one funny story about his daughter having a sleep-over party and him serving fried chicken feet to a bunch of five-year-old girls - since that was the closest he could find to a chicken finger. Yum!

Did you know that the man plays the guitar, saxophone, and can sing? We probably won't buy the CD but the whole family was smitten by the humor. I think my favorite part of the evening was his song about the Easy Bake. In this song he told the story of growing up as a little boy in the 1960s and wanting an Easy Bake oven for Christmas. His parents and Santa cruelly denied him. But look at him now! Dreams do come true. OMG that giant Mega Bake oven he built himself complete with steering wheel and stairwell was to die for. May all our dreams come true for us some day! Go Alton!

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