Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Getting Ready for Winter

I cannot put in words how glad I am that fall has finally arrived. It was sunny yesterday as we worked outside raking the leaves and cleaning up the yard. It wasn't exactly cool. But no more scorching heat. I am so very thankful for it!

I am also thankful for the first fire in our woodstove and being able to curl up with a book by the fire.
I am excited to get the warm comforters and flannelsheets out of the closets and get our beds ready for the cold nights.

I am thrilled to put up the last of the harvest from our community gardenpatch. We have never tried pickling peppers.

So this is kind of an experiment. We had good luck growing all sorts of peppers this summer. We harvested tons of bellpeppers, Jalapenos, and some really hot peppers called Scotch Bonnets. Unfortunately not many people around us seem to care for hot food. That's why we decided to freeze and pickle the extra produce. We used this recipe our daughter randomly chose from the internet. The jars look so pretty. You are supposed to let pickles sit for a few weeks before you can eat them. Even if they don't taste good I think it was well worth the effort.

Do you have any tips on pickling for someone who has never done it?

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