Monday, April 23, 2012

Willow - a 15 inch Waldorf Girl

Check out little Willow! Or rather big Willow. I rarely make large dolls. I somehow prefer the cute cuddly ones. But maybe I have been wrong. Big dolls are a lot of fun too.

I gave Willow some pink hair. You know like the gal from the "Fashion Police" on TV. No gray though...Just lovely mixed pinks. I think it looks really good on my doll.

The only thing I was undecided about was her outfit. Which outfit do you think looks cuter? The mushroom dress?

Or do you prefer seeing Willow in the cute frogs dress made from a cute Japanese fabric?

Please, do tell if you have a moment!


A fellow traveler said...

Both are cute but I prefer the Japanese print. It looks so spring-like. Beautiful doll and hair!

ziezo said...

She's a cutie! I like the pink hair a lot, especially in the bun hair do. My preferred dress is the mushroom dress because the pink is reflected in it as well . . .