Monday, March 21, 2011

Lost Photobucket

Many years ago I made some photoalbums on Photobucket Then somewhere along the way I forgot my password. Have you ever done that? Forgotten your password. I do it all the time. Normally that's not a big problem, right? You just hit the button where they send you an email and you make yourself a new password. Well, that didn't work in my case My email address had changed since. So all the emails were sent to who knows where...What is one to do?
I had to do quite a bit of detective work to get back to my old albums. But this morning success! I found my old picture albums. Yippee! See below for one of the cute doll pictures I found in my album.


Was it worth the search? I think so!

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softearthart said...

Oh so worth the effort, what a darling she is, cheers Marie