Thursday, October 14, 2010

Roaring for Boy Clothes!

The little prop toy lion is all happy. He appeared to be roaring when I was taking the pictures. Or am I only imagining things? I have been wanting to make some more doll clothes that appeal to little fellers for quite some time. Finally a customer got me going. She asked for an outfit with toy cars. Then I remembered I had this cute green fabric in my stash. Oh my gosh.!It's soooo sweet. How could I keep in the drawer for so long? And next came out the little zoo pattern. It has a bit of pink in it. But as we all know: Tough guys like pink!

So dear Boys - and Girls, I hope you will enjoy my new two-piece sets that I made with Christmas in mind! Dear Parents, I am sure you will enjoy these cute sets, too, and find them nurturing and fun. Each little boy should have a doll to take care of and love! For surely they will grow up to be loving dads to their children if they get a chance to practice while young!


The Sitting Tree said...

Love the patterns, and I think they'd be perfect for boys and girls!!

germandolls said...

Thank you! I had so much fun making them and taking the pictures with the toys. I actually started playing with the little stuffed lion. ;)