Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Glueck im Unglueck / Lucky in the Midst of Misfortune

Remember that lesson in elementary school about magnifying glasses, and what happens when we bring magnifying glass together with paper or flammable object? Well it was too long ago. So I completely forgot that lesson!

My husband gave me this wonderful Ott-Lite sewing lamp for my birthday last year. My sewing corner is in the entryway to our house. There are great big windows all around my little desk/sewing table. Of course, I had the lamp with magnifying glass parked right next to that table.

Yesterday, as I sat down at my desk to check my email, I saw smoke rising next to my computer. I thought: "What in the world is that? Is it my computer or the sewing machine smoldering?"

Well, you guessed it: The magnifying glass from my lamp was pointed just in the right direction to burn a hole in my desk (see pictures). Good thing my arm wasn't laying on my desk or I could have ended up like James Bond in the movie where he gets lasered...Or I could have ruined my sewing machine and the computer. In fact, after closer inspection I realized that I had previously singed the back of my laptop screen...Oh boy! Despite the annoying hole in my desk - I feel very very lucky indeed.

Wow! How stupid can you be? I guess I never read the package instructions. I was so excited about my new lamp when I recieved it. Mind you, I received this gift over a year ago. I suppose I was just superlucky that this didn't happen earlier or at a time when I had left the house. Who knows what could have happened...I think I will sew a cover for my magnifying glass. For now it is wearing a black hood. Bad Magnifying glass!

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