Tuesday, June 1, 2010

German Music: Stephan Sulke

Do you ever have those days when you have a song stuck in your head? You don't even know how or why that particular song. What triggered this? It may be a song you may not have listened to in years.

Well with me it's been German song lyrics from the 70s. Back then, my oldest sister brought home this tape - remember the time back when people had cassette tapes? - with songs by Stephan Sulke. It was great! One of my favorite songs was called: Die Intellektuellen. So I had to look up the song writer. I found his site. You should check it out. I very much enjoyed reading his autobiographical entry there. I did not know anything about him as a child. I just loved the music. I am glad I took the time to learn more about his life!


Quite a few of his song titles were girls' names: Uschi, Lotte, and Ulla. The song Uschi supposedly became his biggest hit. Not sure why. They should have asked me. I knew better as a ten-year-old! Since my name is Ulla, the song about "die dicke Ulla" always led to merciless teasing by my sisters. Too bad I couldn't find the song lyrics for "Die Intellektuellen". I still got the melody and parts of the song lyrics stuck in my head: Die Intellektuellen, die hoeren gerne Blues. Bei denen tanzen die Forellen, im selbstgemachten Apfelmus...Or was that whole song? Maybe there wasn't more to it. Simple but really good. I don't have the song recording anywhere. Maybe someone can help me out. What album was it on?

I think I'll have to order me a CD from Germany. I like to use music to teach German to the kids. After all, that's how I learned English as a child. Rocking out to the Beatles.Wow, I am feeling really old now. But some music NEVER goes out of style. If you speak German you should look up Stephan Sulke. Unfortunately youtube.com did not have a version of the song stuck in my head...

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