Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Books on Blogging...

Do blogs have birthdays? It's been two years since I started this project. I am not sure whether to celebrate or feel sad. I really feel so inadequate at blogging. In fact, so much so that I went to the library the other day to check out some books on blogging. See picture for the titles I found.
After two years I still don't have a clue how to do many things. I wish I could afford some expert help to spruce things up around here. Then I started reading Blog Schmog by Robert W. Bly, one of the library books mentioned before. Reading the first chapter it's pretty obvious that the man does not think very highly of bloggers. According to Mr. Bly the majority of bloggers are people who don't know how to spell, punctuate a sentence (very true for me =), and the content of most blogs is banal and downright silly. I could go on with his list of put-downs. Wow! That guy really hates bloggers, and his book depressed me.

Funny though that he has a blog of his own and invites readers to comment on it. Should I pay his blog a visit? I am sure his blog is perfection.
Does my blog suck that much? Is it worth the time and energy I have been putting into it?

Luckily I found some other books on the subject that were more positive and hopeful in their outlook. For example, Blogging for Bliss by Tara Frey looks like a fun book. Do you know of any books that helped you along the way? I admit that my biggest challenge when it comes to blogging is the technology part. How does one become an expert and still have time to be a mom and wife, make great dolls, plus run a business and household?


FairiesNest said...

I think your blog is developing nicely! What a great idea to read up on it though, I admit to peeking at some cool magazines on the subject but I haven't bought one... yet! It definitely is a learning process..

mini said...

Mir gefaellt der Blog sehr gut, so wie er ist. Was wurde eigentlich aus dem deutschen Teil des Blogs?
Viele Gruesse
Ulrike (aus DC)

mrsbeccijo said...

I like your blog, the simple nature of it is refreshing! Just keep learning and posting!

germandolls said...

Stimmt, Ulrike. Ich schaeme mich doch sehr. Ich muss mal wieder oefters auf Deutsch schreiben.
Es kostet mich allerdings mehr Energie dieser Tage auf Deutsch zu schreiben.
Thanks for your encouraging words, Beccijo and Cyn!

cabin + cub said...

Happy Blog Birthday!

Wow... isn't it way sadder and banal for someone to write about how other blogs suck? He sounds a bit negative.

germandolls said...

cabin+cub, your should check out this guy's book. I think it's hillarious and so full of contradictions. Look at me - I am this trained professional writer. But you all suck.
I still haven't checked out his blog. Sounds too boring... LOL

softearthart said...

Hi I do love your creations, cheers from New Zealand Marie