Friday, March 12, 2010

Etsy Friend Portraits III - Cynthia Toy, The Fairies' Nest

Did you know there is a word geek amongst the NaturalKids Team members? I found out about my friend’s hobby when I read her blog entry on the word “craft”.
It’s such a neat post. If you are not already a follower of Cynthia’s blog, you must become one now! I am thrilled every time I read her musings about art and the daily battles as an artist. Yes battles, because often it is quite a battle, when you are trying to get a doll to be perfect! I can so relate to it. People see the finished product and sometimes don't realize, what it took to get there. You can also find wonderful dollmaking tutorials, and of course, tons of pictures of Cyn's amazing dolls.

Inspired by Cynthia’s word geekery, I did a little research on the word nest.

I found the following definitions of the word nest in my Webster’s Dictionary :

  • 1 a : a bed or receptacle prepared by a bird for its eggs and young b : a place or structure serving as an abode of animals and especially of their immature stages c : a receptacle resembling a bird’s nest
  • 2 a : a place of rest, retreat, or lodging b: den, hangout
  • 3: the occupanters or frequenters of a nest
  • 4 a: a group of similar things : aggregation
  • 5: a group of objects made to fit close together or one within the other

When you visit The Fairies' Nest, the store or her blog, you will feel right at home in her cozy and warm nest. You can tell she worked hard to put these beautiful sites together for your enjoyment. The images of her dolls and her writing, take you right back to your childhood, back to memories of toys and stuffed animals you used to have growing up. Darn’ it! I wish I could go over and see it with my own eyes. But the internet will have to make do for now.

People who are likeminded love to frequent (or nest in) the fairies’ nest. The other day I used the word family to describe our group. I think definition 5 would work nicely,too. I wouldn’t refer to us as objects, but we do fit nicely together, one within the other. All members of the Etsy NaturalKids Team carry the hope that our toys will be like a nest, create some warmth, for the children who receive them, in a world that is often such a cold hard place. We build and create our kid products with fabric, wool, wood, and natural materials. You just can’t build a warm nest out of plastic, can you?

I love the nest you are building, Cynthia! Thanks for sharing the warmth! And what greater name could there be for a toymaker? Seriously, Cyn, I totally envy you for your name. =)


FairiesNest said...

Thanks so much Ulla on your lovely post!! You made my day. :)

mrsbeccijo said...

Such a warm and lovely post! Your writting is sweet and tender, you need to do more of it!
We are getting to see such wonderful spotlights of the souls of out team mates!

kats in the belfry said...


BirchLeaf Designs said...

Great post Ulla and Cyn! It's such a fun way to share profiles of NK team members!

germandolls said...

Thanks, gals! I am having a lot of fun with this. How many members are on the team? About 100? It could keep me busy for about 2-3 months...LOL

jtrescott said...

Lovely post, thanks for sharing all of your honest time and thoughtfulness.