Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Waldorf dolls for Easter

The picture below was taken by my friend Nicolette Bardos a couple years ago. All the Waldorf dolls in the photo have found loving good homes since then.

Looking at this sweet group makes me feel a bit melancholic. It's been a while since I made a big doll. I mostly make little pocket sized babies these days. Maybe this summer - I will find the time. Of course, there is always time for a little custom work if someone was to ask nicely.

Other than that I am trying to keep the doll studio organized and focus on little projects. Blanket dolls are always in demand since new babies are born all the time and need a soft doll to cuddle with. What is your favorite color? I am kind of partial towards this little green guy.

If you still need some Waldorf Easter basket fillers or small treats to tuck away for your Easter hunting, make sure to visit my Etsyshop. I recently lowered the price of my little pocket dolls. I need to make some space here - so please order some littles here:

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