Sunday, June 29, 2014

Soccer Fever

I am sorry I have not been able to post much this summer. Too many things to do. Between gardening, fruit picking and -processing, and watching soccer matches it's tough to get anything else done around here. I grew up playing soccer and watching it on TV with my dad. It's tough to explain to Americans since many people don't care about soccer at all.

Here is my photo of little Sophie making her first attempts at kicking the soccer ball around.
I promise she is not a biter. Even when the other doll friends are mean to her she finds a way to work things out peacefully!

Do you watch the WorldCup? Even if you are not a fan - you may find the stories and drama around it entertaining.Some games are boring. I admit it. But then there is lots of drama. Just imagine a grewn man biting another one. It's too bad for his team.

I also love to listen to the different accents of the commentators on ESPN. There is this one British dude whose comments make me laugh so hard. I hope the US and Germany will make it to the next round. Of course, it is much more fun if your team goes on!

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