Monday, June 23, 2014

Cherie Sophie

We have been picking lots of cherries over the last couple of days. First sweet cherries at the neighbor's house which we ate up right away. Next came the pie cherries in our backyard. I find the job of picking cherreis very enjoyable.

Reminds me of long summers as a child in Germany spent sitting high up in the branches of my
parents' trees.

The processing was not so much fun.

But alas the job got done and we have enough sour cherries to make 3 little pies plus a few small baggies with half-cup servings for muffin making. It will be so nice to a little bit of the flavor of summer in the dead of winter...

Sophie has been having fun with this project too. She insists that the cherries are really earrings and not meant for baking at all. A stubborn one that little one is...

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