Friday, May 30, 2014

Single Parents...

honestly, I don't know how you single parents out there do it. hubby went to a conference in Germany. he has only been gone for 4 days, and I am at wits end. cannot imagine what it would be like to do it all alone all the time. I simply can't.

the house is a total mess. the kitchen in shambles. every room strewn with clothes and stuff. where does it all come from? do not stop by my house unannounced, folks. you shall not pass! let's not even talk about my doll studio.

Honey, can you please come back now? I have had it.

I am sick of having to cook every single meal. sick of driving the kids to activities late at night - in the dark - going 65 miles an hour. you know, I got this thing about driving... this weird phobea. I didn't even drive a car until I moved to this country. have I told you: I HATE DRIVING.

but you got to do it 'cause their is no public transportation in this little town.

okay, I better go now and pick up the house. wish me luck for the rest of this week. I think every single parent deserves a medal or some kind of award for doing it alone!

I will fling myself down on the floor like little Lacey here when I am done with chores....

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