Thursday, May 1, 2014

Apron with Wings

I will forever cherish the memories of the last few visits I had with my mother in Germany. We would sit into the late evening hours and knit and sew together. Seems like another lifetime. She has been gone for 10 years. I still think of her and miss her loving presence every day.

What remains - aside from the wonderful memories - are some precious doll clothes and patterns that she gave to me. It made me cry when I got out this little pattern with the word "Schurze" (apron) with her lovely handwriting on it. But alas life must go on. And when we are done crying we must move on and celebrate life.

After shedding a few tears over the pattern I made this little winged apron for one of my first dolls. I think my mom would love it. I know she is happy to see me sewing pursuing my dreams... I am certain she got a great pair of wings of her own up there in heaven.

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ANNASOER said...

I love the colours of this doll! You have done some experimenting with your dolls lately and they look great (hair, faces).. who knows where the innovation will bring you :) Good luck, Ulla!