Friday, March 7, 2014

Swept Away...

We drove up to the mountains last weekend. I had not been on the road to Estes Park since before the BIG FLOOD last year. It made me so sad.

So many houses and familiar places wiped away - just gone! Matresses and piles of debris strewn along the highway. I wonder where the folks who used to live in the houses are. So many of the houses were marked with an X, signifying that they have been condemned.

Hopefully this was not the only home of somebody that got washed away. Hopefully this house hanging by a thread there was "just" a weekend vacation cabin. Oh the deep irony in that name of the house in the photo above: "rough'n it wright". 

The good news is that they have rebuilt the road. The bad news: it appears that all the dams are gone. Makes you wonder what will happen once the snow melts in the spring? Will it happen all over again? Poor Colorado.

All that is left of the former Indian Village is the sign!

If you should visit Colorado, please go to Estes Park and support the little businesses up there. It is so beautiful. Whenever I visit I want to stay. I totally understand why people want to rebuild and live there, despite what happened...

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