Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Snowflake Babies and Giveaway

Inspired by one of my favorite wintersongs growing up in Germany, I created a bunch of little snowflake pocket babies this week.

It's been much too warm for the season in Colorado. We really need some snow. So maybe my wishful thinking about snow will help bring us the much needed precipitation?

Here are the German lyrics to this old German folksong:

Schneeflöckchen, Weißröckchen,
wann kommst du geschneit?
Du kommst aus den Wolken,
dein Weg ist so weit.

Komm, setz dich ans Fenster,
du lieblicher Stern;
malst Blumen und Blätter,
wir haben dich gern.

Schneeflöckchen, du deckst uns
die Blümelein zu;
dann schlafen sie sicher
in himmlischer Ruh’.

Here is my English translation of the lyrics: 
Little Snowflake, little white skirt,
when will you come down?
You come from the clouds,
your journey is so far.

Come sit by the window,
You lovely star;
Painting flowers and leaves,
we love you very much.

Little snowflake, you cover us
and the little flowers up,
So they can sleep safe,
and in heavenly peace.

I will be doing a Giveaway for some of my snowbabies during the Advent season. So please, stay tuned for details!


softearthart said...

How sweet, cheers Marie

DaffodilAngel said...

What delightful verses and these snowflake babies are just beautiful.

stephanie thomas berry said...

We would like some snow, too, though North Carolina can have very warm Decembers, or stormy ones....

germandolls said...

Looks like we actually have some in the forecast for this weekend. My prayers are working. =)

ziezo said...

These are so cute! No snow (ever!) in Nairobi, but we are looking forward to some in Germany during our visit.