Sunday, July 15, 2012

Litte Vee

I finished the doll with nose and pink hair yesterday afternoon. It was a great joy to make her. I remember in the past I had struggled a lot with this type of face. Not with this little girl. She was very compliant and easy to work with.

In my opinion noses have to be delicate and rather smallish. If they are too big it makes the doll look like a witch.

I think I did well on little Vee. She doesn't look witch-like at all. Yet she seems magical and sweet.

For now I put her  in this cute pink dress with cars. She may need an outfit that is more of a contrast to color of her hair. Time for a doll fashion show and see what looks best on her. Maybe you would like to help me choose the best combination?

Picking out the clothes and putting them on the doll is my favorite thing to do. It's like dressing a new borne babe. So much fun!


Linda said...

She is perfect Ulla

germandolls said...

So should I just leave her in this dress? I like her but am wondering whether it's too much pink?