Monday, June 4, 2012

My First Dance Recital

I did it! I still can't believe it. I got up on that stage and joined my daughter this year at her annual dance recital. I can't tell you how scary this was. But this has been an awesome experience I can only recommend to any parent.

Before the first performance

My daughter has been dancing for 7 years. Year after year, I would go and watch her in her recital pieces and during the Nutcracker performances at Christmas. Then, last summer, a couple of other parents talked me into taking a HipHop class at the dance studio where my daughter dances.

I am so very grateful to my teacher and my fellow dance students at NCADA. It was an amazing experience.

Like I said in a previous post here on my blog: Never in my life have I taken a dance class.

I would highly recommend taking dance to anyone no matter what age. Why?

Here are the main two reasons. Taking a dance class was great because it was good excercize. I spend many hours of my day sitting behind a sewing machine or a computer screen. Doing a HipHop class made me to use a lot of muscles I forgot I had. As an extra bonus, I got to hang out with other moms who have daughters and sons enrolled in the same dance program. We had so much fun together as group. Sorry about the blurry picture. Another dancer with shaky hands took it...But I think you get the idea...

Adult HipHop

Secondly, I had the most wonderful bonding experience with my daughter. She was super supportive and helped me outside of class to improve my moves. It was a great learning experience getting to see the stage from "the other side". By turning from a mere "watcher" into "a dancer" I learned about what it really takes to be part of a performance. I experienced first hand how much hard work and sweat go into each recital dance. I also learned about the fears and anxieties. Wow, that stage sure looks big when you are standing on it...

Let me tell you folks, whether you are 6 or 66  it is not too late to starte dancing! It's good for the body and brain! I am not sure if any studies on the subject have been done, but I am convinced that dancing is great for the mind and body! So go out, and try something new! Find a dance studio in your area and sign up to dance!

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Julie said...

That's wonderful, Ulla! I wish I could have been there to see you dance. :)