Friday, June 8, 2012

Getting Ready for the Big Trip

Oh dear, only a few days until we leave for Europe. Running the last few errands is always stressful. I really hope I did not forget anything. That's why it's good to make lists. You need lots of them.

Lists of the last errands you must do before you leave. For example: Taking in your sewing machine that is in bad need of a tune-up, cleaning, and oiling. Yay, even the sewing machine gets a vacation!

Lists of things to do for the house sitter.

And then last but not least, there is the packing list for your suitcase so you don't forget important stuff.

My daughter was totally enthralled by the whole list-making-thing this year. Since we just went on her 5th Grade field trip, she was excited about making a list herself. Using the list her teacher gave us for the field trip, she created a new packing list for the next trip entitled: Our 2012 Europe Vacation Packing List.

It's always good to check the weather forecast before you leave. Looks like it's kind of chilly and raining a lot in Germany right now. So we better add some warm clothes and the raincoat to that list. Oh dear, do we still have a raincoat that fits?

As we are creating lists for our trip, I remembered a great little German game we  used to play as kids. I think I'll post it on the Natural Kids Team blog, since there may be other parents out there looking for entertainment during the summer break. So please, go check it out! The game I am talking about is called "Kofferpacken" which means in translation "packing your suitcase."

It's a memory game of sorts. Have fun playing it! And please come back and share your packing lists with me!

Safe Travels to you and your loved ones! Auf Wiedersehen!


ziezo said...

Happy packing! The part I like least about travelling.

Do share that game! We used to play it a lot as kids as well. . . extremely good memory training and good for creativity.

ziezo said...

DUH! Just saw the NattiKids blog. Please ignore my previous comment. .

Mike said...

I always try to wing it and I don't write lists. This always causes problems for me though because later I remember that I forgot something. case in point. Always write and keep a list.