Friday, February 10, 2012

Where did Creativity Go?

I am not sure what's going on. But I seem to have a  problem with rabbits in my little studio. For some reason they are multiplying like - Bunnies. LOL

It's been a while since I needle felted so I have poked myself one time or two maybe. Ouch! But I love felting in public. It's always a conversation starter with adults and kids. They are totally fascinated by what I can do with a needle. The Oohs and Ahs are quite encouraging. So I keep going till I run out of wool.

I am also hoping to set a good example. A woman who was watching me work the other day said to me: Wow, you know I used to knit or crochet while going to my sons games and waiting for the action to start. Now I have my phone and I just mess around with it.

Just imagine how much creative energy gets lost these days because people - grown-ups and children alike waste so much time on phones, Ipods, and other electric gadgets. If all of that time could be put into creating stuff. Hmmm the world might be completely overrun with cute bunnies like this one?

I think I have to stop myself and work on some little lambs or chicks. The world needs all kinds of cute creatures. So stop wasting time playing games. Get creative kids, big and small!


A fellow traveler said...

That is one sweet bunny! It is true that so many people have exchanged creativity for entertainment. Playing with a phone instead of playing with wool or clay or wood....whatever. They leave creativity to the experts, the artists. I remember when everyone, children and adults alike, had a hobby. How fun it was to discover what someone's hobby was, because that was where their passion lies. What do people do with passion now? What happens when a generation forgets how to create?

germandolls said...

Thanks for the great comment. Yes, I really think that electronic toys have dealt a huge blow to creativity. Hoping that people will get tired of them eventually...