Monday, February 6, 2012

Never Say Never

Never say never they say. Have you ever been in the situation that you cooked a meal so perfectly that you thought to yourself: Wow, this is so delicious, how did I do this? Next question: will I ever be able to make this again? Well, my husband and I like to cook together. We have this one recipe that we had struggled with for years. We really liked all the ingredients in the dish. But for some reason the meal was never as delicious as it sounded. Until one day when we managed to make it just right. The meat was perfectly browned. The curry powder used was fresh and of good quality. The amount of lemon juice added was just right. After we reached such perfection we sadly decided to never cook it again. There was just no way we would reach such culinary success again.

But the other day we were working on the menu for the week. We just ran out of ideas. So the perfect spinach-lamb-curry popped up. We had not made this dish in many years. In fact, we had not made it for so long the kids had no idea what we were talking about.

So we decided to cook it together as a family. In German we have a saying: Viele Koeche verderben den Brei. (In think in Enlish it’s many cooks spoil the pot.). I don’t like that saying much because I think that working together as a team when it comes to cooking is actually really great. It changes cooking from being a lonesome boring chore to being a fun family activity.

If you are not opposed to eating lamb meat and like to try a new dish you can find the recipe on the NaturalKids Team blog today.

Was it as good as that one time we made it? Nope. But practice makes perfect, right!

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