Sunday, October 9, 2011

Yes, it IS!

Fall that is. Or did we skip fall and went straight to Winter? It's snowing in the mountains in Colorado. There wasn't much of a transition it seems. We went from temperatures in the 90s straight to the 40s in the blink of an eye.

Where is my winter coat? Got to go look for it in the basement today.

With the cold came much needed rain. Now it really looks like Germany outside. I feel like basking in the rain. Is that weird or what? I love watching the rain come down in sheets. Jumping in the puddles.

I brought in all the tomatoes. Must have picked 20 pounds of them...
The basil is drying in the oven.

What next? Waiting for the husband to turn the heat on. You know he says it's too early. Not until November 1. Used to be October 1. Since it's been so hot lately that seemed fine. But really pushing it back by a whole month? Better find that coat, a hat, and my mittens. Now that should make for a good picture...Sewing with mittens on? LOL

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Julie said...

Mittens?! We had a good cold wk a couple of wks ago but now we can't seem to come down out of the 70's. It is supposed to rain mid-wk, though, and get into the 60's. I'm ready for fall!!!