Monday, October 24, 2011

Visit to the Pumpkin Patch

We finally made it to the pumpkin patch this weekend. Only my husband, daughter, and I went. A certain teenage boy thinks he is too old for that kind of stuff now. Sniff! I am pretty sure he would have enjoyed it anyways. They even sold snacks such as homemade hot pickles. Delicious!

It was so much fun picking out the perfect pumpkin. The haunted house that came with it was not my cup of tea...There was a maze inside a wooden shack that was so dark, I needed help finding my way out. I am glad I didn't go in alone. Kind of freaked me out.

Other than that just orange as far as the eye could see. We got a pretty good deal on our pumpkins too: 10 bucks for 4 pumpkins? Can't beat that!


Julie said...

Wow, what a steal! We went on Saturday, too. We had a great time but not really pics to show for it. I was too busy keeping up with River!

germandolls said...

Too bad you didn't get any pictures. I think the pumpkin patch is worth going just for that! Bad, River! LOL