Thursday, April 21, 2011

About the Purpose of Blogs...

Maybe you didn't know. I am also the blog leader and editor in chief over at the NaturalKids Team blog. Sounds grand, nope? Well, it's not an easy job. But I love my team and Etsy, and Natural Toys. So it all makes sense.
I put many many hours into blogging. I often get complaints from my husband and family. Why are you doing this? Why do people blog?
It's hard to explain. What is a blog? Is it merely a diary of sorts where people share trivial information about themselves? Or is it a business tool to promote the stuff you sell? Or is it a chat room where you can visit with people all over the world who have similar interests.

I guess all of the above are true for Blogs. Blogs. They are a weird thing. But I love both blogs I'm involved in. They make me feel happy and connected. They make me feel heard. It's my own little newsroom where I can broadcast what is important to me. If people care and comment, fine! If they don't, that's all right, too.

Oops, and while you may find the contents of this particular post not interesting. Here is some good info for you. Please, go over to the NaturalKids Team and visit. There is even a cool Giveaway going on. Every Saturday we have an item up for grabs. This week's Giveaway is sponsored by the great doll artist Cynthia Toy. How cool a name is that, when you make toys?

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