Saturday, August 28, 2010

First Day of School Germany, 1971

Well, my dad made it a little closer with the camera on this particular occasion. You can actually recognize faces...This picture was taken in the same spot as the last one I shared with you. Again the kids are lined up on the cobblestone mini plaza in front of my parent's Business/Home in Langenlonsheim.

On the very left is my sister Christine, holding her Schultuete, on her first day of school. Children in Germany receive a cone shaped box with candies, school supplies, and toys when they start elementary school. The girl on the other end of the line is the neighbor's girl, from across the street. The three kids in the middle are my sister Sabine (covered up by my fat head), Susanne (the tall blond with the blue miniskirt, and me.

I remember the blue skirt I am wearing in this picture only too well, since my my mom bought 4 skirts of the same color, in varying sizes, and same material. My mom really liked putting us in matching clothes. Awe, look at the cute Seckler Sisters! Only, for me that meant I had to make my way through all of the different sizes of a particular outfit. This particular blue skirt, the one I am wearing here, was made of wool and really itchy! Being the youngest sucked big time in that respect...Also check out the dorky knee socks with sandals! What a hoot!

The car that provides the background for this shot was one of my favorites! It was a cute little French Renault. Unfortunately it was never big enough for our growing family. What was my father thinking when he signed that contract? We pretty much had to pile on top of one another when going places as a family. I don't think the torture lasted very long. The car was not as reliable as it was cute. It broke down a lot, and luckily was replaced by a VW Van at some point.

Oh the times before car seats and buckling children in. How in the world did we survive our childhood?


momma rae said...

too cute! those cones are huge! must have been fun receiving them. a special way to mark the day.

kat said...

i love that car!
my mother would make herself a dress, then make one for me with the left-over fabric, then another for my barbie doll.

LittleElf said...

You were so darn cute, Ulla! ^_^

germandolls said...

Thanks! I was a bit one th chubby side when little. My sisters must have hated it when I sat on them in the car...=)

Amber (Woodmouse) said...

You look so cute and happy Ulla! That car with those outfits is simply perfect!