Monday, May 10, 2010

The Winner is...

The Winner of the blossom guessing contest is Kim from the Netherlands. Of course being a florist she had a bit of an advantage here...She is the only person who guessed and posted her correct answer in the comment section. I had one other correct answer but it wasn't posted in the comments. Hmm. Should they win a price anyways?

The correct answer was
1. Pear


3. Apricot

Our apple tree did not bloom at all this year - unfortunately. Sorry, if I threw you off with the many choices. I will have another giveaway in the near future. I promise I'll make it a lot easier next time!


Vilt à la Kim said...

Wow Ulla,
I am very happy with this as It is my first succesfull entry to a give-away!! I never won before. Thank you it will always have a special place in my home..

germandolls said...

Congratulations! I so happy for you. I know what you are saying. I never win anything either. I'll get your dolly out as soon as the snow and cold weather lets up and a trip to the Post Office is feasible.